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Exclusive Programs

Self Discovery Self Defense provides not only basic self defense instruction, but also personal coaching, team-building, martial-arts training, assault recovery training, and more. 

All of our services are personalized for content, cost, timeframe, and location. Let's find a way to make it work so that you can be free of whatever is holding you back. 

Assault Recovery Training


Assault Recovery Training (ART) includes personalized one-on-one self defense and empowerment sessions for those who want to work through the memories of a physical assault and reclaim their power.

This combines the best of all I have to offer in terms of physical and emotional/mental training. Created in partnership with mental health experts and PTSD experts. 

Assault Recovery Training

will change your life. 

Personal and Professional Coaching

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One-on-one coaching sessions to get to the heart of what you're up to in life and how to make that happen.

You can create a life that you love!

1 hour sessions in person or virtual.

We can tackle a single topic, schedule as needed, or take on a 10 week total empowerment program. 

Let's talk! 

Martial Arts Instruction - Jeet Kune Do

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Grounded in the teachings of Bruce Lee,

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) training combines the practical aspects of a variety of martial arts.


This is a combat art, not a competition art. Training includes trapping, energy drills, striking and kicking, single stick, double stick, knifework, takedowns, and more! 

Sundays & Thursdays

In The Dojo 

13407 SE 159th Place, Renton, WA

(Private sessions are also available)

Contact Sifu Marcie at 425-919-8028

for more class info. 

Martial Arts Instruction - Escrima/Kali


Escrima is the national martial art of the Philippines and uses weapons such as sticks and knives (not just for striking, but for grappling as well).

Learn how to use and defend yourself

from a variety of weapons

Instruction can be art-form specific or part of your self-defense training. 

Martial Arts Instruction - Ground Defense


Ground defense training is based in the principles of Jiu Jitsu and grappling, with a specific focus on self defense rather than competition.

Learn how to get someone off of you

when you are down. 

Instruction can be art-form specific or part of your self-defense training. 

This program will boost your confidence! 

Self Discovery Self Defense Seminars


This 3-4 hour small-group self-defense seminar combines self-discovery activities with self-defense instruction.

Learn how powerful you are!

Scenario specific practice (and play!) helps the learning stick.

Ideal for small groups.

Invite your friends and family! 

Schedule a Free Consult to talk about what's possible or go ahead and schedule your time.

Self Defense & Empowerment for Teens


This seminar combines self-discovery activities with self-defense instruction that is

 tailored for young people. 

Scenario specific practice (and play!)

helps the learning stick.


Ideal for youth groups.

Team Building & Empowerment


Let's take care of your team's total well-being with self-defense instruction in a group-setting.

Learn how to cooperate, listen,

use your voice, and play! 

Training can be done at your location. 

Flexible timeline & scheduling.

A great option for small business teams,

parent groups, teen advocacy groups,

mothers and daughters, LGBQTIA groups,

and more! 

Non-Violent Communication


So much of self defense begins with how we communicate with others. 

Non-Violent Communication training includes: 

- De-escalation strategies

- Non-violent responses

- How to end conversations

- Getting to the heart of the matter

- Effective listening 

- and more!

This training is ideal for individuals and groups (even family!) as well as professional organizations and businesses. 

Available both onsite and remote. 

Self Defense for Teachers


Designed for school-wide teaching staff or smaller groups such as department teams,

Self Defense for Teachers focuses on

positive prevention and practice response.  

Ideal for both new and veteran teachers.

Create safe learning environments for all!

  • Verbal de-escalation

  • Non-violent defense strategies

  • Keeping your students safe 

  • Personal security planning

  • and more!

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