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An Open Letter to my Martial Art Students and Self Discovery Self Defense Community

This letter gives updates on 1) a new 2nd training location, 2) kickboxing classes,

and 3) training fees starting Jan 2023, and a thank you.

The end of the year is a wonderful time to reflect on events of the year, what we have learned, what there is to be grateful for, and what we want to get up to next. We use this time of year to connect with family and friends, expressing our love and appreciation for them. We also set goals for the new year in all aspects of our lives, physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, and so on. Thank you all for being a part of my life and for all that you have taught me. I appreciate you!

New 2nd Training Location

I am very excited to share with you that, over the break, my family helped me create a new dojo space in our home in Renton. We now have the Studio space inside the Anytime Fitness in Des Moines AND the dojo space in Renton for our training needs.

This means I can host private lessons, small group training, Assault Recovery Training, and even Self Discovery Self Defense sessions in my own space. There is room for parking, a guest washroom, and very soon, a wall of mirrors. I’ll share pictures just as soon as my oldest is packed up and off for college. 😀

If you are interested in private lessons or self defense instruction at the Renton location (or the Des Moines location), please shoot me a text: 425-919-8028. I’d love to put together a Thursday evening class if there are enough people interested.

Kickboxing Classes

Just in case you haven’t already heard, we are hosting Kickboxing Classes at 10am on Sunday.

Our instructor, Dakota, has a rich background in both Dutch and traditional Muay Thai kickboxing. I’ve seen Dakota in the cage and can attest to his skills as a fighter. And having taken his classes, I can attest to his skills as a teacher as well. Come take KB and then stay for JKD! Your body and mind will thank you.

Change in Training Fees

Here is the new fee structure:

Group Class Drop In = $25/hour

12 Group Classes = $300/month (sliding scale available)

Private Lesson = $50/hour

Those of you who have trained with me for the last few years know that I’d rather you be training than not, especially if finances are the issue.

I also know that there is something motivating about having put money down on something. Not only does it signal to our brains that it is something we value, that is worth spending our money on, but it also serves as a point of motivation.

Martial Arts training averages $150 - $300/month nationwide, not counting private lessons. Starting in January 2023, anyone who wants to train - and take all of the classes we have available - can decide for themselves a monthly amount in that range that feels right.

What is doable for you? What says, “I value this part of my life and am investing in myself”? What says, “I value this program and want it to continue”? There is no contract to sign, just put it into your budget and decide what works for you. When you are flush, pay a little more or schedule a private lesson. When things are tight, keep training.

All private lessons going forward will be $50/hour.

Not sure you can take all the classes? The drop in fee for classes will stay $25 per class. You are welcome anytime, on any schedule that works for you. We can do a “punch card” option as well if you’d like to pay once and then come as your schedule allows.

Want to do a Self Defense seminar? Group Seminars are $300 per session. Get a group of people together to split the cost!

Thank you!

Many of you know that in addition to being a martial arts and self defense instructor, I also teach full time. I am a high school Humanities teacher, spending most of my time this year with 10th grader Social Studies. I also partner with the teacher education program at Seattle University. I am so grateful to everyone (and the universe) for helping me balance doing the work that I love with people that I love in a way that I love.

  • Thank you to my family, my partner, my children, and friends for all the ways they love me.

  • Thank you to my “inner circle” martial arts students. Your training fees fed me and my family during the lean months of last year. Thank you for teaching me as I have been teaching you.

  • Thank you to the larger Self Discovery Self Defense community for cheering me on, sharing your joys and your questions with me, and allowing me the privilege of supporting you.

With much respect and love,

Sifu M

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