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Birthdays, Empowerment, and New KB Classes!

Earlier in April, I celebrated my 50th birthday doing all my favorite things, including time with loved ones, and time in nature, in the dojo, and with music. I also have been doing a lot of reflecting and writing, as one does to mark significant dates. I mean, 50 years is a big deal, right? :)

I share this with you because I'm proud of what I've learned and what we are creating together. I'm proud of the programing we've been able to offer, the growth I've seen in so many of you, and in the exciting things to come.

This course will include the spectrum of violence, how to create safety from a place of peace instead of fear, and practical methods for creating balance, distance, energy, and impact.

We will identify and address the mental scripts that hold us back, and create new ways of being through discussion, writing, roleplay, and physical training.

We'll practice elements from Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Escrima, and Kickboxing that are used by martial artists, law enforcement, and community organizers across the globe.

Each class will be 60-90 minutes on Tuesday evenings, starting at 5:30pm, for 6 weeks. The first session is Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Tuition for the course is $125.

(If you have questions, need a scholarship, want to contribute to a scholarship, etc., please contact us!)

Save your spot today!

Sign up for Empowerment & Personal Safety Seminar here:

We're also jump-starting our spring fitness with an extra round of kickboxing each week.

We'll be hosting a new Kickboxing class on Wednesdays 7pm starting May 3. This is in addition to the regular Sunday 10am Kickboxing classes.

Here are some details about our kickboxing classes:

  • Classes are open to all skill and fitness levels.

  • Training is designed for practical self defense rather than competition.

  • We train with human partners rather than just punching bags.

  • We will teach you how to train safely and have fun!

I first met Dakota in 2016 when we were training a mix of Dutch and Muay Thai kickboxing back. In 2018 I watched his smoker fights and was impressed by his ability to move quickly and decisively in action. Dakota went on to train with a Muay Thai master, and has cross trained in JKD, Wing Chun, Escrima, JJ, and more.

Having known Dakota as both a student and a teacher, I can vouch for his ability not only as a martial artist, but a martial arts instructor as well. Come train with us!

Click here for a FREE trial Kickboxing Class here:

That's our update! New KB! New 6-week Empowerment seminar! Many exclamation points abound!

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